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A Pre-Lockdown Message from the Principal!

A Pre-Lockdown Message from the Principal!

by Clive Marsh -
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To All Queen's Students Everywhere

I am writing on behalf of the Foundation’s Leadership Team in the wake of the government’s weekend announcement of a four-week-long national lockdown in England from tomorrow, Thursday (Nov 5th).

In many ways there is little new that we need to say. But it is important that we confirm this. As an institution of Higher Education we continue our work similar to before. For those on site, the same living and eating arrangements remain in place. Chapel remains open for private prayer. But we encourage everyone, wherever you are, to go on thinking carefully about all aspects of your life. Get fresh air when you can – try not to get ‘Zoomed Out’! You’re allowed to meet another individual in outdoor public spaces. Take full advantage where you can. And if you do need a bit of extra support on any front, beyond your normal networks and contacts, do remember to talk to your personal tutor, to the chaplain or to the well-being officer.

We are awaiting further guidance on how to mark November 11th, Armistice Day, when there would usually be a short act of remembrance at the Queen’s cross at 11 a.m. Public gatherings are forbidden, and people are being encouraged to stand in their doorways instead. We shall post details in due course of how we shall participate in the act of commemoration on site.

In the meantime, and then in the coming weeks, stay safe and healthy, remembering that in the midst of all this: God is, and that’s all that matters. And, speaking personally, after my own bewildering first two months in post, I trust you are coming to some new, fresh, perhaps intense, discoveries of what it means to be a person of faith. ‘Church’ is not as it usually is, but it is as it is now, and is helping us all think deeply about what ‘church’ is anyway, and what it will be in the future. And faith, and spirituality, and liturgy, and prayer (and even theology) are perhaps taking on new meanings and new dimensions for you. Capture those new insights and build them into your study, exploration and formation processes.

With blessings and best wishes to you all