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Timetable News

by Clive Marsh -
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Dear Students,

 We are writing to update you on timetabling plans for the rest of this term and into 2021:

  • As previously advised, we expected that the timetabled teaching in the Autumn Term would remain unchanged even if changes to delivery mode (e.g. to face-to-face) were to become possible after the October half-term. We wish to confirm that this is indeed the case, and there are no changes to the published timetable for Autumn 2020.
  • Furthermore, in the light of public health advice and guidance, we do not plan to change the mode of modular delivery away from online/digital mode before Christmas.
  • Looking ahead to the Spring Term, we are likewise not proposing any changes at the moment to the published timetable (available at We anticipate that the mode of delivery in January may well have to remain digital, but that will be contingent on public health guidance and developments over the next few months. 
Best wishes to you all