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Academic reps - volunteers needed

Academic reps - volunteers needed

by Rachel Starr -
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We are looking for volunteers from the following cohorts to act as student academic representatives:

  • Queen's Distance Learning students 
  • Centre for Black Theology (undergraduate programme) 
  • Durham MA students (new or continuing students)
  • Worcester Readers
  • Lichfield Readers
  • QRC /QCC year 1 
  • QRC/ QCC year 2
  • Probationers 
If your cohort is not listed, it is because you already have an academic rep in place - congratulations!

Please note that this is a separate role to the SSCF rep.

Academic reps help ensure the broader student voice is part of Queen's academic review and planning. They gather feedback from their student cohort and work with other student reps to ensure student concerns and proposals are shared with staff, especially during Academic Management Group meetings (see dates below), where a wide range of academic issues are discussed. Two or three academic reps are also part of the Academic Quality and Standard Group, which looks at module reviews and does more detailed work.  

If you want to know more about the role, or are happy to volunteer, please email Rachel Starr by 22 October.
There is an induction meeting (online) for academic reps on the afternoon of Tuesday 3 November

thank you

Please note the following dates (although we recognise you may not be able to attend every date). Online attendance is likely this term at least.

Academic Management Group 
Tue 24 Nov 2020 2-4.30pm
Tue 9th March 2021 2-4.30pm
Tue 18TH May 2021 2-4.30pm

Academic Quality and Standard Group
Tue 13TH Oct 3.45-5pm
Wed 12TH Jan 3.45-5pm
Tue 2ND March 3.45-5pm
Tue 11TH MAY 3.45-5pm