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Change of Contact Details and Alumni

Change of Contact Details and Alumni

by Katherine Onion -
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To all students

As we reach the time of year when many of you will change job or email address or house, can I remind you to let us of any such changes and the date when they take place via the attached ‘ Change of Personal Details Form’. (available on Moodle in Forms Forms Forms) . If you know your dates you can tell us now about a change not due to take place until say August.  We realise however, this summer things may be even more uncertain than usual, so just let us know when you can and DON’T send details in advance until you are clear.

As your name and email address are used as key identifying pieces of information for legal purpose, we have to have a full audit trial that this form provides (plus evidence attached  in support of a name change) . Your address may also have implications for the socio-economic classifications used by HESA (we realise the many many flaws in this) and again we have to have a full audit trial (document with you signature on) regarding address changes.

When you send the form in we will update the database, the finance system and pass details on to the library and colleagues for other lists across college.  We would ask that you update for yourself your email address on Moodle (if that is what is changing) in your personal details area.  If you are not continuing as a student in 2020-21 in any capacity you may also wish to review your subscription to notifications on Moodle after August.  The academic year for 2019-20 will not close until the Durham exam board in January 2021 so your account will remain on Moodle until after that date, as a result you will continue to receive moodle alerts for main news items etc.

Finally if you are due to completely finish this summer and are not doing studies with us next  year as a probationer or curate (even not for credit)  or any other capacity then please would you indicate on the Change of Personal Details your consent or otherwise to be listed on our database of ALUMNI.  That may mean in the future we get in touch to make you aware of special events (such as we had planned this year to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of us becoming an ecumenical foundation). 

Please return the form to as needed.

Many thanks, Registry Team