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Car Parking at Queen's

Car Parking at Queen's

by David Hewlett -
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Our new car park is ready for use!

There are still some finishing pieces of work - some grassing and hedging (which can't be done until it is wetter) and some levelling of paving, so continue to take care as you walk from the car park.  There are currently no marked parking bays, so use your common sense to park in ways that make good and safe use of the space.  When you exit the car park on foot it is easiest and safest to do so at the chapel end.

Please don't use the unmarked spaces in the car park in front of the admin building as you can block delivery vehicles.

I hope the car park will reduce frustration when parking has been so difficult to find and that it will give a greater level of security and safety.  If you have feedback on the car park, please contact hospitality.

David Hewlett