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New e-books on Moodle

New e-books on Moodle

by Judith Rossall -
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Dear All,

A message from Michael, our librarian.


A new collection of e-books from SCM Press and Canterbury Press is now available on Moodle (on the Common Awards Hub under Online Books, just to the right of Hub Resources on the green banner). These books are available to all students (not just Common Awards students). The text is subdivided by chapter and subchapter and is not downloadable, but printing and copying is available within the usual copyright limits. The collection, which will eventually include 100 titles, has been made available as part of a two-year pilot project between Hymns Ancient & Modern (the group which owns SCM Press and Canterbury Press) and the Church of England. A number of SCM Studyguides and Core Texts are included in the collection, as well as other titles which will be familiar to you from your reading lists. In due course there will be links to the e-books from the library catalogue, but for now I suggest you have a good browse to see what is available.