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Teaching and Learning Continuing Online

Teaching and Learning Continuing Online

by Clive Marsh -
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When I wrote to you all as a Queen’s Community on Jan 5th, I said that ‘We shall still review matters later in the term, although it looks unlikely that anything can change before the end of the Spring term.’ It is now clear not only that we must remain online for the second half of this term, but we shall also need to run our Easter Schools online too. So you will be contacted in appropriate ways in due course about the plans made for the particular pathway of study that you are on.

We’re getting a bit too used to this now, perhaps. Much as we all, I guess, want to scream at our screens (‘I’ve had enough of this!’), we’ve also got into new patterns – disciplines, even – of study, and spirituality. That said, I don’t know about you but I’ve found this third lockdown a bit tougher than the others. The novelty has worn off, something of the camaraderie at the supermarkets has disappeared, and there seems to be less empathy and appreciation for delivery drivers. I hope that despite those tendencies we’re doing our best to model mercy, grace and understanding. At least we’ve had more chance to prepare for ‘Lent in Lockdown’ this year. Perhaps whatever our own choices about ‘what to do during Lent’ it may help us emerge from it more ready, and ready in a new way, for Easter. And who knows, we may even be out of lockdown by then, whatever our own particular place is in the queue for ‘the jab’.

We shall be having another look pre-Easter at what our teaching and learning plans for the Summer term will need to be and, as always, will keep in touch.

Blessings and best wishes to you all in the meantime