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Foundation Event moves online - Sat 4th July 11am

Foundation Event moves online - Sat 4th July 11am

by Mark Earey -
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At this time of year we would normally have been holding our annual Foundation Celebration Event. This event celebrates all that the year at Qu​een's has brought, and is a good way to look back with thanks, and ahead to the next year. It usually has a special focus on those who are leaving, whilst also being a celebration in which all are invited to share. 

We had originally hoped that we might be able to delay the event and hold something in September or even October half-term, but that is now looking unrealistic. We have therefore decided to think differently and to plan for a 'virtual' Foundation Event. This will be 'streamed' on Saturday 4th July at 11am, but will also be accessible afterwards for those who could not engage with it at that time. It will also give us a chance to say a formal goodbye to David Hewlett and for him to give us a parting message. 

One of the other key elements will be a chance to say goodbye to our leavers. People engage with Queen's in many different ways - some more immediate and intensive, and some at more of a distance. In this year's online Foundation Event we will be focusing on those who are leaving following a particularly close recent engagement with Queen's - students preparing for ordained ministry or Reader ministry, and independent undergraduate students. These are the students who have been most affected by not having a chance for a more normal 'ending' of their time at Queen's, and we want to give them a chance to share a message and for us to pray for God's blessing on them. 

Though these leavers will be the key focus of this year's online event, we will be remembering all our leavers, and there is an invitation to all Queen's students, staff, and family to share in it. The event will be recorded (rather than happening 'live'), though we are hoping that there will be the opportunity for engagement through a live 'chat' feature. More information will follow about how to access the event, but for now you might want to note the date.