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Update on our plans in the context of Covid 19

Update on our plans in the context of Covid 19

by David Hewlett -
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In the light of the rapidly changing advice from public bodies we have reviewed the position of our campus at Edgbaston.  We said last week that the campus could no longer be accessed by external visitors and non-residential students.  I need to reinforce this message that the campus is closedNo-one who does not live here should come on the campus and add to the risk of infection.  This includes Frances Young House, but we understand that weekly commuters may need to recover some belongings, in which case you should inform hospitality of your intentions so we can work with you to do this safely. We are working closely with the permanent students who live here about how they practice safe distancing in this context and how we can support them, especially if they need to self-isolate.  Staff are working remotely and remain in contact in the usual ways.

I said last week that colleagues will be in contact with different cohorts and module groups about the arrangements we are making for forthcoming events.  if you have not yet been contacted do not worry - staff are working hard to make arrangements secure and will be in touch with you as soon as they can.  We are also working hard to put in place arrangements for next term to move learning online and we are confident that this can happen.  Again, we will be in touch as soon as this is finalised.

We are seeing wonderful responses from many, including fantastic responses from current and former Queen's students as they help their churches and communities respond well to this crisis.  We continue to pray for wisdom for those who bear heavy public responsibilities and we continue to pray for all who are fearful, lonely, isolated and anxious.

David Hewlett