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A Reminder about Submitting Assignments.

A Reminder about Submitting Assignments.

by Judith Rossall -
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Dear All,

This is just a quick reminder to make sure you fully submit your assignments on Moodle.  Please remember that Moodle and Turnitin are two different websites.  Turnitin offers a similarity report which markers use to identify if an assignment is very similar or identical to published work or previously submitted assignment.  We deliberately make sure that this report is available to all students while the assignment is submitted in draft, as we want to give you every opportunity to notice and correct the issue before submission.   

This means that the Turnitin receipt will be issued at the point at which the assignment is submitted in draft and is not proof that the assignment was finally submitted. 

Please do not rely on emails to ensure that your assignment has been fully submitted.  Check the dropbox where it says ‘Submission Status’.  The top line must say ‘submitted for grading’. 


Durham University rules require us to check that assignments are fully submitted and to apply a penalty to any which are late.  If Eleena notices that an assignment is in draft she has and will email the student concerned.  However, it is not possible for her to check every assignment dropbox ahead of the deadline and this creates extra work for her.  It is your responsibility to check that the assignment is marked as ‘submitted for grading.’ 


Best wishes